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                         Colorize Your Personal Folders    

             Are you boring with the windows standard file colour and I think there are many many PC users face to some problems while exploring their files that, very difficult to handle,maintain and identify the files easily.

      But I can give a solution to solve the problems through a software 'Folder Colorizer' just with 1.7Mb. After you download and installed Folder Colorizer, you can give any colour to the folders what you want just with a 'single right click'.

       This software allows you to customize the colour scheme through a right click and there is available an uncountable colour combinations according to your taste.You can select and give any colour to your each file and group them with colors, then you can access easily and explore your data fast.  

                              This supports to Windows 7/XP/Vista.... To download the 'Folder Colorizer', copy and paste this link on your browser's address bar.http://softorino.com/products/ 

                             After the installation

  • Select a folder and right-click on it
  •  select 'Colorize!' 
  •  choose a colour already given or select the 'Colors...' option to customize the colour scheme.
See the picture below......

To customize the color scheme...........
  • Pick a colour from the color picker 
  • Click the 'Add Color' button.
  • Now the picked colour will be added to your color menu
  • Select the color for your file
  • Reopen your file menu and feel the changes.

 See the picture below

your files will be changed like these...


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