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Google forum a best way to solve the issues:how to use

            Create an account and join in Google forum and solve your problems and any type of issues 

                                            Everyone of us might have many issues in various fields and we search the solutions for the problems from others or on websites but sometimes we cannot get the correct solution or there will be needed a long time to find it. 

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facebook gives you a chance to See Your 2012 Year in Review

facebook Profile -See your 2012 year in review and share on your wall
                        You have three days only to enjoy in this year 2012 so facebook gives a new feature "See Your 2012 Year in Review" to explore  your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories.

There are small three steps only to get this analysis and share the result. 

Galaxy Note Android 4.1 Premium Suite Multi windows and Popup Note

Change your ideas by using this advance featurte, from multi windows to popup notes with Galaxy Note Android 4.1 Premium Suite

A photo capturing from Galaxy Note

                    Galaxy note users can get soon the Samsung's Android 4.1 Premium Suite with many sophisticated features.

                            The Galaxy note official site expresses now about Samsung's Android 4.1 Premium Suite for Galaxy note. Here are the upgraded features on Premium Suite with the fastest,fluidly and very smoothly version .