Google forum a best way to solve the issues:how to use


            Create an account and join in Google forum and solve your problems and any type of issues 

                                            Everyone of us might have many issues in various fields and we search the solutions for the problems from others or on websites but sometimes we cannot get the correct solution or there will be needed a long time to find it. 

                             Then, is there any way to find the solution easily...? Yes sure there is a better way to that. Google gives the  opportunity to discuss and find the solution easily through a Google service as 'Google forum' or 'Google Groups'

                               It is very easy to use, to get this feature click this link Google Groups and you will go to the Google Group Discuss page then follow these steps

#01. Choose the 'Post A Question' option on the page. Now you will be asked to 'log in' by your google account and login there.

#02. After you logged in you can create a question and post it there in addition create a discussion also. See the picture below 

        First give the title of your question briefly and click the button 'Type of post' and you will see two options

1.Ask a question
2.Start a discussion

   By choosing the option 'Start a discussion' you can join a group to discuss about your title.

     Next choose a category what you know about.

    You can also attach a file there and  if you like to receive the posts via Email tick the check box there and then describe your issue in the description field.

#03.Now  you can leave the forum page because the answers to your problems will arrive to your Email Inbox.

        friends ....! Listen here, there are many features available in 'Google Groups' and Google service. We will see in my coming posts.

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