google and Motorola are working for launch a android handset X phone


google and Motorola are working to launch a new phone X -a battle starts against iPhone and Samsung

                " Motorola group is working hard on making a new sophisticated handset with google " a news from Wall Street Journal. But the mobile is known as X-phone from the internal news. Totally google and Motorola are ready to start a big and hard android-mobile battle and this will be a challenge to google.

                           Motorola is focusing to add more refined features that are better than iPhone and Samsung galaxy series on the X-phone such as a better camera, bendable screen and ceramic chassis with a new technology and upgraded technology in the Android operating system.

                           However just google is the strength of this plan.“The company investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches.” said a former google sales executive but he is the chief executive at Motorola now.

                         After all we can expect for a sophisticated android handset in a few days and can see a battle of androids with a new competitor.   

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