Galaxy Note Android 4.1 Premium Suite Multi windows and Popup Note


Change your ideas by using this advance featurte, from multi windows to popup notes with Galaxy Note Android 4.1 Premium Suite

A photo capturing from Galaxy Note

                    Galaxy note users can get soon the Samsung's Android 4.1 Premium Suite with many sophisticated features.

                            The Galaxy note official site expresses now about Samsung's Android 4.1 Premium Suite for Galaxy note. Here are the upgraded features on Premium Suite with the fastest,fluidly and very smoothly version .

  • Multi window
  • Popup Note/Video/Browser
  • Popup note/Photo frame
  • Easy Clip
  • Paper Artist
  • Handwriting on S Planner/Email
  • Enhanced S Note
  • Easy handling google map.

Multi window

                      Multi window option allows you to access  with multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time without screen transitions.

Popup Note/Video/Browser

Popup Note/Video/Browser
                     Popup feature contains many varieties of options. Popup Note allows you to make notes while performing a call and use it any way instantly and the Popup Video and Browser features allows to watch a video while loading or performing another web page on the same browser screen.

multi window
Paper Artist

Photo Note/Photo frame- and Easy Clip

                     The Photo Note facility gives you an awesome feature that you can write your own thinks and memories on the back of the photo or the front of the photo by your 'Own Handwriting' 

Easy Clip
                          You can crop and save any image and any area of the visible content on the screen. 

Paper artist

Enhanced S Note
                Paper artist contains many photo editing options and effects, you can perform your own thinking and creativity here. The  Enhanced S Note also has many editing options for photos with the sketching and the color setting option through a color picker.

 Handwriting on S Planner/Email

                There is a best  way to send emails with your own hand creations, those maybe handwriting or hand drawings and you can send them via email with linking a calendar task.  

We may hope that this upgraded features will give more satisfaction to the users......