VMware Player-multi OS

VMware Player-Convert your current OS to multi operating system

Solution for Multi OS
                             Have you ever thought to use all Operating systems on your single PC....!!!! You can do that by using the 'VMware Player'.  VMware Player is a free software. That allows you to install any  operating system on your PC
and You can put any number of Operating systems at the same time.

Run windows  XP on  windows 7

                            Many of the Windows7 or Windows8  users specially programmers  like to Windows XP for some particular usage. This software will very helpful for them to access any application on Windows XP.  

Run any operating system or new software on any OS

                                You can install any  and trying new software safety using VMware Player. You can use VMware Player to try these....
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux latest releases
  • Ubuntu
  • New software and applications
To download:Get VMware Player 

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